Who We Are:

Twin Oaks Seed Farm grows open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable seeds on six acres of certified organic land. We are active participants in the movement to improve the quality and availability of regionally-adapted open-pollinated seeds.

We are forming a seed growing cooperative! Common Wealth Seed Growers is a new collaboration between Twin Oaks Seed Farm and our neighbors Living Energy Farm and All-Farm Organics. We are direct marketing about 15 varieties this year through our website and at the Virginia Association for Biological Farming conference as well as planning what to grow and offer next year!

In 2014 we are doing extensive cucumber, melon and winter squash trials, funded by a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant. The project also includes a grower survey about cucurbit seed needs. Please consider taking the survey! Read more under Variety Trials.

Twin Oaks Seed Farm started with a 3/4 acre seed garden in 2006 and has grown to six acres with a crew of eight people. We grow about 40 varieties each year in four separate gardens (to maintain necessary isolation distances). Crops include cucumbers, winter and summer squash, watermelon, muskmelon, southern peas, lima beans, okra, perennial onions, peanuts, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, ground cherries, corn, sunflowers, cosmos, arugula, turnips, rutabaga and collards.

We produce seeds for several small retail seed companies, including Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Sow True Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Fedco Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange. We also grow butternut squash for Local Food Hub in Charlottesville.


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  1. It would be easier for me if you had a downloadable order blank. I like what you are doing, have been looking for CO Gilfeathers. Even though I have some from Fedco I will order some from you by mail. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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