Variety Trials

2014 Trials: Twin Oaks Seed Farm received a $10,000 SARE producer grant for the 2014 growing season to identify downy mildew cucumber, melon and winter squash varieties. The primary goals were to evaluate resistance to Cucurbit Downy Mildew, and to identify resistant seedstocks. Eating quality and productivity were also evaluated. Downy Mildew has been the number one limiting factor in cucurbit production at Twin Oaks Seed Farm, affecting seed crops as well as market crops of cucumber, squash, melon, gourd and watermelon. Twin Oaks Seed Farm wanted to find varieties that will do better, and to share the results. Some of the varieties identified will be useful as is, and some will be useful in future breeding projects.

Trials summary can be read here: 2014 Variety Trials at Twin Oaks Seed Farm115(1)

Trial results presentation can be read here: 128 2014 SARE trials power point

Cucumber Trial Data Summary

Cucumber Trial Data In-Depth

Melon Trial Data

Winter Squash Trial Data


2013 Trials: In 2013 we trialed 36 cucumber varieties and 38 muskmelons, with help and funding from Sow True Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Organic Seed Alliance. We planted late to expose plants to heavy Downy Mildew pressure. It was a terrible year for Downy Mildew, and a great year to do trials. Results are below.

Cucumber Trial Report 1115

Melon Trial Report1115

VABF 2014 Presentation


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